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What is
Capacitor replacement?

Capacitors in an air conditioning system provide a very important function for the compressor drive motor, condenser fan and blower fan motors by controlling the speed and output power supplied for the respective motor function. Their main function is to act like a small battery and consist of two small flat surfaces separated by an insulating material called a Dielectric. The strength of the current flow through this insulating material determines how the capacitor keeps these drive motors in check. They are usually a quite small device and are used to release current flow when required, either when starting or to keep the motor at the right speed based on the applied load of the circuit. They are an important feature, able to maintain low electrical energy consumption. However, due in part to their small size and sensitivity to small current flows, fluctuating voltages, heat or moisture may all have a detrimental effect on their longevity and reliability in operation. It is also important when replacing a capacitor, to find a suitable replacement with the right insulation value, voltage and current flow. Local Air Conditioning Repairs technicians can quickly diagnose if a capacitor in any of the motor circuits is not functioning correctly and provide the correct replacement.

How can we replace your capacitor?

Identifying a poorly functioning capacitor is a simple task for Local Air Conditioning Repairs technicians. A common symptom of a non-functioning capacitor might be clicking sound from the capacitor in question caused by a loss of insulating material which may have worn away or disintegrated preventing the capacitator and motor from working as expected.

How to prevent
Capacitor replacement

Capacitors will usually operate trouble free for a number of years but there are some simple points to watch out for, the main one being Voltage drop. Capacitors have the ability to hold current and build charge then release it when needed much like a battery. However, when there are voltage fluctuations, the amount of stored charge fluctuates too and in extreme cases, additional electrical energy can overheat the capacitor and dielectric material. There are several things that might help avoid that situation and one is to protect against current surges especially if a number of capacitors have failed and voltage fluctuation is known to be problematic.

Moisture and dust also affect the capacitors longevity. This combination never fails to cause problems and emphasises the benefit of regular inspections. Even though only visual, technicians from Local Air Conditioning Repairs are trained to look for these conditions and pre-emptive maintenance always saves money on later, more expensive repairs. Call us now, we can set up a scheduled service program to suit you.

Capacitor replacement

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