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What is a Circuit
Breaker Replacement

A circuit breaker provides protection to a circuit when electrical equipment malfunctions and could prevent a fire or other catastrophic event. Circuit breakers with additional protection against serious or fatal injuries are also sometimes referred to as an RCBO (Residual current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent protection). This type of circuit breaker is a life protecting safety device used for all types of electrical equipment. When any type of circuit breaker continually “trips” or activates, it is a warning sign that a more serious fault exists and should be investigated urgently and the appliance or equipment that caused the initial activation switched off or unplugged.

In the event of operation of an air conditioner causing a circuit breaker to activate, it may indicate a problem with any part of the air conditioner including the compressor drive or condenser fan drive motor. It is important to identify the source of the problem first to confirm if the circuit breaker is malfunctioning or if the fault is within the air conditioner, or indeed if another appliance in the house. Local Air Conditioning Repairs technicians will respond rapidly to such an urgent need and resolve the problem quickly to assure your personal safety and enable restoration of all of your electrical appliances.

How can we fix your
Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker fault can be quite easily fixed by Local Air Conditioning Repairs trained technicians. Checking for the fault with the right equipment ensures your continued safety and the technician responding to your call for assistance will be a fully qualified electrician.

How to prevent Circuit
Breaker replacement

Circuit breakers normally operate without trouble or intervention for long periods of time but occasionally will provide indications that things are not always fine. Influence from the weather, moisture and other environmental influences can usually be excluded due to the enclosed “meter box” structure, where the circuit breakers are normally situated. However, sometimes insects or other small creatures make their home in these dry, comfortable boxes that may cause the circuit breaker or other electrical devices to stop working. Regular inspections of the meter box, perhaps monthly, may be all that is needed to ensure the health of your circuit breaker or to disturb any insects from making a new home there, however be sure to close the door again on completion. If you have any doubts at all about the operation of your circuit breaker or electrical safety of your house or family, don’t hesitate to call Local Air Conditioning Repairs. Our technicians can respond to your call immediately to resolve any electrical problems.
Circuit Breaker Repair

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