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What are
compressor repairs?

The heart and soul of any air conditioner or cooling system is the compressor. If this element of an air conditioner system is not working properly, either the room will not feel comfortable or the compressor will be costing too much to run. Technically, the function of a compressor in an air conditioner system is to compress gas, raising its pressure and temperature enough so that when that high pressure is released close to the cooling fin coil, the temperature of the gas falls rapidly, far below room temperature. When this pressure drop occurs, room temperature air passing over the coil fins suddenly becomes cold, lowering the air temperature in the room, creating a cooling sensation for those within that conditioned space or room. If it is suspected the compressor is not operating efficiently, such as lowering the selected temperature on the thermostat makes no difference to the cooling temperature or strange noises are heard at the compressor. Even an absence of heat coming from the condenser coil or the compressor body seems unusually hot, the first thing to do is to call an Local Air Conditioning Repairs technician. If any of these conditions are present, a service inspection should be scheduled promptly enabling repairs to the compressor to restore normal operation. An Local Air Conditioning Repairs technician will measure gas pressure at the compressor during normal operation using gauges positioned at both the high pressure side and low pressure side of the compressor. An inefficient compressor will be indicated by a lower than normal high pressure side, causing the compressor to work harder than is necessary and costing more to run.

How can we fix your
compressor problems?

How to prevent
compressor repair

Air conditioning system compressors are built robustly to provide many years of service but it’s important to maintain them in top operating condition at all times.

At Local Air Conditioning Repairs, we recommend to regularly clean the air filtration system twice per year simply by removing the room outlet grille and cleaning the filter and cooling coil.

In addition, scheduling regular service checks at least annually, consisting of a short performance measurement and system inspection will also help to keep your system in top operating condition.

Adopting each of these strategies will keep your system in top operating condition for many years, however, if any significant repairs are ever needed, we will be there to promptly provide a qualified service and supply of the most frequently needed parts, backed up by a warehouse stocked with almost everything you will ever need.

compressor repair

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