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What is Drain Replacement?

The drain tube in an air conditioner unit makes sure all the condensate collected from the finned cooling coil in the drain tray, is removed safely to the outside. Sometimes a sloping tube is sufficient to let the condensate drain safely outside. Some air conditioner systems have a special pump fitted to make sure the condensate drains away. However, all air conditioner systems collect condensate in a type of drain tray which will usually remain moist and become a good collector dust and dirt. It can also harbour insects that clog the drain tube and prevent condensate flow creating other problems. Mostly these drain tubes are made from PVC tubes or similar and are subject to becoming brittle, breaking down and fracturing. By the time a blockage or break occurs, it’s too late, so early inspection and prevention is the best remedy.

Local Air Conditioning Repairs technicians look specifically for these faults during regular inspections. A simple visual check may not take long but can save thousands of dollars in repairs or replacing damaged furnishings. Similarly, replacement of the drain tube is easily fixed and the technician will likely have all the equipment to replace your drain tray on the spot. Give yourself peace of mind, arrange a regular inspection program with an Local Air Conditioning Repairs technician today

How can we replace your drain?

Local Air Conditioning Repairs technicians know to look for drain tubes problems and likely faults during their regular service inspections, however,

How to prevent control
repairs and replacement

Control repairs are often difficult to predict and usually happen when least expected. Controller electronic components usually have a long and reliable life but if requiring earlier than expected replacement, this is usually due to excessive heat, dirt or moisture present in the controller case or insects may have built a nest there.

A trail of ants leading into the controller, dust or moisture present in the form of condensation may also provide a quick indication, with rapid reaction needed to prevent an inconvenient repair. Local Air Conditioning Repairs recommend regular service events to identify a fault due to dust or moisture or even insects nesting within the casing. Our technicians will include visual inspection of the control module by removing the case and can usually identify if a potential problem is likely to present in the future.

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