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What is Filter Clean
and Replacement?

Usually, the last line of defence to make sure you and your family are breathing safe, comfortable air, rests with the filtration system. Most room type systems, either window or wall mounted systems, have the filter close to the room entry outlet, often behind a “clip-out” panel that is easily removed. Other systems such as ceiling cassette or ceiling mounted systems, the filter is close to the room entry point or the finned cooling coil. Local Air Conditioning Repairs recommend to clean room type systems at least every 6 weeks or even more frequently if pets are present or problems with allergies are evident. Filters in ceiling systems should be cleaned, along with the finned cooling coil every 12 months or even 6 months as needed or when pets or other health concerns are a consideration. Local Air Conditioning Repairs can provide this service within a regular program and we will remind you when a filter service event is due. We will thoroughly clean your filters or recommend to replace them if they are unable to be serviced properly. We also recommend a full Eco-clean filter and finned cooling coil service every two years for full, long term hygienic protection.

How can we fix your Filter
Clean and Replacement?

Local Air Conditioning Repairs can look after all your filter cleaning needs and in a regular service program, we will attend to cleaning your filters thoroughly or recommend to replace them if they become unserviceable.

How to prevent Filter
Clean and replacement

Cleaning filters on a regular basis is good practice to ensure your health and avoid any problems such as mould or hazardous pathogens forming in your air conditioner system. Maintaining the ducting of your air conditioner system in good order prevents additional dust introduction and ensures the filters remain in a clean state for longer. Sometimes, filters may not be serviceable and all Local Air Conditioning Repairs technicians, carry a wide range of filters in their radio controlled vans, all connected to an even larger warehouse, ensuring the filter you need is not far away.

A regular service program is the best way to keep your system clean and Local Air Conditioning Repairs are happy to set one up for you to keep your family healthy and comfortable.

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